Christmas Clothing

Spell-casting can work wonders for increasing happy vibes and building harmonious relationships with those closest to you. So, with Christmas around the corner, lets get to work on some super -powerful enhancements! Your home is like a person in that it holds onto the residual negative energy of arguments and stress, just as you might. Cleanse your space and encourage feelings of joy by burning pine-scented oil. If you have an open fire, throw pine needles into the flames while making a wish for happiness.

Pine, governed by the Sun, is used for clearing the air. Add a couple of drops of pine-scented oil to your floor wash and, as you clean, imagine youre wiping away any negative energy. Holly, readily available at this time year, is another plant thats believed to bring blessings to the home. Its said to have the power to ward off storms and tame wild animals, so grumpy relatives should be no problem! Hang a wreath above your main entrance and place sprigs over doors in every room. Magical dining Lay the table with delights to suit every mood and invite the spirit of the Norse Goddess Frigga into your home.

A sky goddess and loving mother, she was known for her peace-making abilities. When she shook out her blanket, it would cover the ground in a layer of fluffy whiteness that would calm all those around her. If youre entertaining, opt for a white or silver tablecloth. Shake it out and, as you coat the table with it, imagine youre smoothing away any troubles between you and your guests. Frigga is also associated with mistletoe, so place a piece in the centre of your table to promote loving communication. If youre having dinner with your other half, hang it above your heads. Be sure to include a pie on your menu, too, as they represent wholeness and security. Choose fruit pies if you want to encourage love, and meat or vegetable pies for protection and harmony.

EXPERT WISDOM SOUL&SPIRIT 27 MATERNAL POWERHOUSE Frigga was worshipped in Germany and some called her by another name: Frau Holda. She became known as Mother Goose which over the years evolved into the popular fairytale character. Some scholars claim she was the goddess of the Wild Hunt, as well as ruling the household. One things certain, like women today she juggled many roles! Do not use ingredients you have an allergy to. You may wish to patch test 24 hours before using the oil Wonderful weaving Release past ties and look to the future with a little help from Frigga. Known as the weaver of fate, Frigga is associated with the spinning wheel, and responsible for weaving the clouds in the sky. Cut a length of the cotton from the roll while saying, I release the past, the ties I break. I move into the future. I weave my fate. Tie the cotton thread around the base of a white candle. Repeat the magical chant and let the candle burn down whilst visualising a clear path in front of you. When youve finished, cut another piece and tie it around your wrist to remind you that you are the mistress of your own destiny.

Christmas Clothing

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