The symptoms: Dull pain all over the head; a general feeling of being unwell.

IThe cause: Chronic headache is a broad category. According to Edmunds, for 35 per cent of cases, its a neurological disorder and needs to be treated byaGP or neurologist. For the other 65 per cent of sufferers, lifestyle factors are more likely to be at play. Your pain could be related to an allergy, stress, or even overuse of over-the-counter medications (aka, the stuff youre using to wipe out your headaches!). A recent study in Journal of Clinical Neuroscience also found people who had a nighttime snack were 40 per cent less likely to have a headache the following day than those who didnt eat after dinner, pointing to low blood sugar as a trigger, Hamilton adds.

Soothe it: It s important to talkto a doctor ifyou suffer from chronic headaches, but ifyoursare lifestyle-related, some tweaks to your daily habits could make all the difference to your general wellbeing – and in turn, your brain pain. Keep the body healthy and the head will benefit from that, tips Edmunds.


Exercise should be top ofyour list, as itll ensure a good supply of oxygen to your grey matter. The brain needs about 25 per cent ofthe oxygen in your bloodstream, says Edmunds. Increasing your fitness and your breathing capacity means youll be getting more fuel for this pretty important engine up the top.

Yoga, deep breathing exercises and tai chi can also help, as well as a regular meditation practice.


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