Cindy Crawford Looks 2016

The most important thing is to have a healthy self-image and healthy relationship with your own body. I try to teach that to my daughter and not have her worrying about her looks. I want her to eat properly and not feel self-conscious and think about diet and her weight. As women, we need to understand that we are all different.

What’s the most important lesson you can offer women when it comes to looking good and being ft?

Nothing is better than working out on a regular basis. I still work out three times a week and I eat a very healthy diet. I can’t eat the way I used to, even in my twenties. And I rarely drink wine anymore because it makes my face puffy.

Why did you write Becoming and what do you hope people will learn from it?

I wanted to collect some life stories from my past and explore some key moments that might inspire young people to pursue their dreams. I’m a great believer in fairy tales and making your dreams become reality. Half the battle in life is just believing in yourself and not giving up even when things do not work out at the beginning.

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Cindy Crawford Looks 2016

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