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People who have impostor syndrome tend to disown their success: My brother got me the interview, or I was in the right place at the right time. Yes, external factors such as timing, luck and connections play a role in your achievements – but, its what you do with them that matters, asserts Dr Young. She suggests making a list ofyour wins and noting the role luck, timing and connections played in each one. Then write down what you did to take advantage of these opportunities. And the next time someone compliments you on your success, say, Thank you, then zip it.

I realised what I missed most wasnt my interior design job, but my fitness routine!

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I d gotten really into group training before the trip and loved feeling healthy, fit and strong. The power of group training amazed me. I started giving friends advice with workouts and diet where I could, and I d spend hours chatting their heads off on fitness dos and donts. I loved helping them so much that I qualified as a personal trainer through the Australian Institute of Fitness.

When I moved early this year from Sydney to a small town in the Riverina region of NSW called Junee – which is footy oriented without much for the girls to take part in – I decided to start a boot camp just for women called Bodyhype Bootcamp.

I started the boot camp with just a few kettlebells, skipping ropes and dumbbells.

I was lucky that my boyfriend was the captain coach ofthe local footy team, so had access to other equipment like boxing gloves and witches hats that I could borrow until I was able to afford them myself.

Claim Your Accomplishments

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