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We were at the restaurant by 11.30am and my sister and I kicked things off with a couple of Porn Star Martinis at the bar.My first thought when I saw Marcus was,I hope I impress him. He was good-looking and we immediately hit it off but he was way too complimentary. I’m not good at accepting praise, I always think,They’re just trying to get in my pants. When we left the restaurant at 5pm, my sister Francesca and her date, Hugo, were sitting on a wall round the corner waiting for us. The four of us went to a bar nearby for some cocktails and then decided to sit outside St Paul’s Cathedral. It was a hot summer’s day so we stayed until about 9pm, getting drunk and taking selfies. It was a good laugh. Marcus took me to one side, and said,I really want you in my life I have never clicked with anyone so well.

I agreed with him, but I just didn’t fancy him, so I told him that it wouldn’t go further than friends. Francesca and I had to head off to meet people so we all swapped numbers and the next day set up a group message on Facebook.We’ve met up as a foursome three times since. One night, a few weeks after the show, we ended up back at Hugo’s £1.4 million apartment in St James’s Park. Francesca and Hugo slept in the bedroom and Marcus and I were on the sofa. I still wasn’t interested in Marcus even when I was drunk. He tried it on that night and kept making moves, but it felt awkward. I’d hug him back but when he tried to kiss me, I’d move away. Eventually, he gave up. I think he was just drunk. I will definitely see Marcus again as a friend, but I have just started seeing someone new, who I have known for a while. Claudia is a cool girl and very downto-earth.

I thought it was going well and that we’d definitely go on another date, but then she said she wasn’t too sure. She’d had her heart broken and was wary of letting anyone get too close. I wanted to prove her wrong, but I’m not going to chase someone if they do not show interest.We arranged a few nights out since, clubbing at Heaven in central London and drinks on a pub boat in Vauxhall. The first time we went out, we ended up at Hugo’s apartment and I tried it on with Claudia but she said,It’s not happening. I wouldn’t have done that if I was sober. It may not have worked out with Claudia, but things have gone crazy since the episode aired. Now if I go on a date, people ask for selfies with me and I have even had people track down where I live one group of girls drove to my house from Norwich! I felt like Justin Bieber. Before the show, I wasn’t a dating person, but afterwards I couldn’t stop. It got to the point where I was going on four or five a week and between August and February I went on more than 100 dates. I slept with a few of them, but most girls I’d see only once and that would be it. I even stopped meeting up with my friends for a couple of months because I was so busy going on dates. When I told Claudia her mouth was wide open! I’m now seeing someone I met on a night out. I’m not ready for a relationship yet though. I’m a bit of a pessimist when it comes to settling down.Claudia Monica Pop (@ClaudiaM_POP) | Twitter Ltf

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Claudia & Marcus

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