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Boost your body and mind for the new year with James Duigan’s latest Clean & Lean recipe creations

Wellness guru James Duigan knows what it is like to struggle with grief. After his father was diagnosed in 2012 with stage four lung cancer, he and his family changed his father’s diet by cutting out all sugar, dairy and red meat. We got him doing yoga, visualisations, drinking vegetable juices with turmeric and whatever else we could think of, and when Dad went in for his next appointment three months later, his cancer had completely disappeared, says Duigan, founder of Bodyism gyms and its Clean and Lean range of books and supplements. However, when the cancer returned two years later and his father eventually passed away, Duigan turned to food for comfort and soon gained 10 kilos. I noticed that I really didn’t feel healthy at all, he says. I spend my life telling people to let go of shame and guilt and here I was, carrying it around everywhere. When I was able to let it go,

I began to feel good about myself again. Now returning with his second book Clean and Lean For Life: The Cookbook (Kyle Books, 19.99), Duigan wants readers to join him on a journey of empowerment. Clean and Lean is a long-term lifestyle with incredible results. It’s not just another way to fail, like a lot of diets. Instead it is a blueprint for success. He believes that everyone deserves to be happy and healthy, and that our bodies are designed to be that way as well. Using ingredients that are close to their natural state with no artificial additives allows you to achieve a state of health and mindfulness that will make you happier in the long run. Try Duigan’s Apple, ginger and blueberry muffins, warm up with his Butternut squash and chestnut soup, or whip up Asian salmon bites with avocado dip for your next party. And, above all, take the time to really appreciate your meal.

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