Never was the truth of this old adage brought home to us more forcibly than in anything pertaining to sex! Cleanliness is the enemy of all diseases. Before sexual union, both husband and wife should wash themselves thoroughly in soap and water, rinsing the parts afterwards. The wife might well take a douche before sexual intercourse. This is not only hygienic, but adds to the aesthetic pleasure of the act, for both parties feel that they are sweet and clean, with no traces of any bodily excretions upon them. Washing immediately after intercourse is also beneficial, since this disposes of any traces of mucous discharge, etc., in or upon the sexual organs. If there is the least discharge from the sexual organs of either husband or wife, they should consult their doctor immediately. This may prove to be quite harmless; but it is far better to be safe than sorry. A medical check-up of this kind can harm no one, and will serve to set your mind at rest, by reassuring you that you are a normal, healthy individual. A blood test should be had at least once a year.

Finally, remember always that there is cleanliness of mind as well as cleanliness of body, and that they inter-act. The man or woman who has a clean mind will take pride in his or her body; and see to it that it is kept pure and wholesome. And the active, healthy body will, in turn, insure a clean, wholesome mind. It is our hope that this book may help you to attain both!


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