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(Un)happy campers Channing Tatum is still married, but thats not why the women in your office are grumpy “ its their desk set-up.

According to a study by Swedish researchers, office design can have a serious impact on your mood and up your likelihood of clashing with co-workers.

While open-plan spaces can send stress packing, hot-desks and group-focused seating tend to increase irritation.

If your boss isnt keen on rearranging the furniture, nix stress with a sneaky lunchtime meditation sesh using the Cleveland Clinic Stress Free Now app (free, iTunes).

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We were all happy when she was reassigned to the maternity floor. While I really did not enjoy being a pincushion with regular blood draws, I knew it was an important procedure in case I had a heavy bleed. After that, I kept even closer track of all of my regular appointments, such as ultrasounds and NST, and a few times during my stay I had to remind the nurses when I was due for these tests. I was not the only mom to experience challenges. We soon learned which nurses were there to support the patients and which nurses would rather be working elsewhere in the hospital. We had one nurse who was the mother hen of our unit. We would all wait until she was working to ask our personal questions or share our concerns. She truly cared about the emotional and physical well being of the women on the unit. During your stay, try to make a connection with at least one nurse, so you have someone to talk to about your concerns. This nurse can also help you navigate less supportive medical staff, especially if you are not comfortable advocating for yourself.

Cleveland Clinic Stress Free Now App

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