Maybe they are retaken a few times, but so what? They are instantly ready to be shared with the world through an elaborately chosen filter, prompting thousands of followers to surf the Internet in search of the exact same pair of those white sneaks. What could be easier? It’s more than enough to renew your Instagram news feed and get a daily dose of fashion right there. I have just renewed mine. Vintage-feel sunglasses worn with an extraordinary hat posted by a British stylist. My favourite fashion blogger with her own idea of how to wear casual clothes with elegant accessories.

Who needs to buy fashion magazines if you can get style inspiration in just 20 seconds -and for free? Arguably, Instagram celebrities have even more power than the world’s most influential fashion magazines. While 20-year-old model Kendall Jenner has 41 million Instagram followers, each of her pictures gets up to two million likes. This is twice as much as the number of people following British Vogue, which has only reached 1 million. It seems that the Instagirls know exactly how to style up and wear the most incredible fashion from the runways, and we trust them. But, do they feel the responsibility of those who follow and sometimes even steal their looks? “Instagram is a very powerful tool in fashion,” says Bianca Darmanin.



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