There are few Melburnians who do not know the tastes of a Combi cafe smoothie. The bright and health-food-focused cafe has been lovingly blending organic and wholefood ingredients into slurp-able concoctions for years, and now Adelaide is getting a taste for the Combi life. Combi cafe number two opened on Leigh Street late last year and has been churning out cold-pressed juices, raw-inspired eats and vegan goodies ever since.

If the thought of going six days without food and getting a daily colonic scares the sh*t (pun intended) out of you, then read on.

Despite a frenetic schedule of events, shoots and related commitments, I’m quite a healthy person generally; I exercise and meditate daily, follow a Paleo diet and can’t resist a good wellness fad at any time, let alone New Year (coconut oil pulling

– check. Earthing, you bet).

But late last year I realised my health had seriously suffered due to a dramatic workload increase during the second half of the year. For me, the unfortunate corollary of winning at work is that my achievements inversely correlate with waning selfcare practices.

After a heady few months, I had skin issues, was having trouble sleeping, I wasn’t bouncing out of bed each morning – it was taking a coffee or two before my brain would wake up (and I’m not that person who says, but first, coffee.). My usual lurgy-free winter was plagued by those niggly sniffles that give off that sickly vibe. There was nothing critically wrong, but it was all just a bit not right, if you know what I mean.

I knew I needed to take control of my wellness and contacted Byron Bay Detox Retreats to check myself in for a week of detoxing, cleansing and yep, colonics.

I’d done my research, so I knew what I was in for:

Each day I’d have three juices delivered for my own consumption throughout the day (the trick was making them last all day), three bentonite clay drinks (these are like an internal broom, which is what I was telling myself as I forced them down!), and one mineral broth for dinner.

There was also a selection of herbs and supplements to be taken at various stages throughout the day, which assisted with detoxing certain elements e.g., heavy metals, parasites, etc.

This was supported with three colonics over the first three days, a daily far-infrared sauna, meditation, yoga, and my choice of complementary treatments.

I also did a pretty solid three-week pre-cleanse under the instruction of Byron Bay Detox Retreats, and this definitely helped in minimising side effects such as headaches and nausea, which can affect people on a cleanse program.




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