Common Mistakes With Bobby Pins

The blonde fro is back I’m slightly obsessed with these curls slightly obsessed Hey all, Welcome back to my blog lovelies today we are talking about all the common mistakes with bobby pins that, I have endured all over the years all over the years all of these years we have finally finally made it on the same page finally tight Bobby and, I get it they are supposed to be tight in your hair it is so corny let’s just move on let’s move on. So the very first common mistake i’ve always happened to like struggle with was finding the best quality bobby pins and yes there is a good guy and then there’s a bad guy. So my favorite brand that, I discovered over the years for bobby pins is the meta grip brand. So the very first element that a lot of bobby pins falls short on is the quality of the metal yes yes we are getting skimped on metal guys. So what, I mean by is the meta grip when you hold it when you use it you can feel and see that the metal is a really really great quality it is wider its thicker compared to the bad guy you can automatically see and feel that the metal is very flimsy it is a lot thinner, and it is just very not quality that brings it to the second point the clamp force matter grip their metal is very good quality it is a little bit wider it is thicker than most bobby pins which means the force or the clamp is going to be very strong, and it is not going to diminish over time just.

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Because the quality is there and you just spread it out once it goes back to its original shape size it just it is there it is very hard to pull apart just. Because the clamp is. So strong and this brings me to this little guy here the scrawny guy just look at this, I bend it once, and it is so easy to spread it apart just. Because the clamp force is very weak just. Because of the quality of the metal yes. If these two were in a brawl this one would win. Because it is bigger and we like things bigger for doing that is the question calm mystic number two for me was she using the right sized bobby pins yes sometimes size matters.

So here is the difference between the two the first one the top one is the miniature one and the bottom one is like the average medium sized. So you can see the miniature one is like 3/4 of the length of its original and yes there are different situations where you need the mini ones versus the long ones mm-hmm. So for the mini bobby pins, I use them mostly for like detailing work in my hair for example. If I’m doing like a pompadour, I will use two of those just to secure the hair together on the top another one a great example is let’s say I’m putting my hair up in a topknot or braiding and some of the hair falls down. Because two short mini bobby pins they are excellent for those situation those are great examples and there are. So many other ones. But just think of like those little detailing work where you do not want the bobby pin to show as much right many bobby pins are amazeballs they’re.

So great for. So many reasons and then the other ones the average size or the medium sized bobby pins those are more great for. If you want more clamping force for example, I will, I love taking my hair to the back and just taking longer sections or bigger sections of hair this is where the average sized bobby pins come into play. Because they have more clamping force that’s when their get involved it is it’s a simple look common mistake number three that, I used to battle with is wearing or positioning the bobby pins and correctly the bobby pins usually come with two different sides has a ridge side and then it has a flat side and there’s actually a reason behind this let me show you and you guys there’s some geometry involved between the ridge and the flat side and we all know we slept in that geometry class. Because, I hated it. So basically what it is the geometry of the ridges towards your scalp it basically maximizes the grip to your hair and the clamp or the bobby pin that’s pretty much it you guys want to see something funny I’m not the only one that slept with geometry pretty much like 99.999% of accessorized bobby pins all of the pretty accessories are on the ridge side.

So they also think the right way is to wear it on your flat side that’s what, I thought, I feel better about myself now common mistake in number 4, I always had an issue on how to properly hide or disguise the bobby pin in my hair take your bobby pin of choice take your hair that you want to secure get your bobby pin take it apart just a little bit put the hair through the bobby pin a little bit just like. So so it is in there and then what we are going to do make sure your ridges are on top at first when you put the hair in the bobby pin you pick it up just like. So at like 90 degrees then you go all the way towards your scalp making sure the ridges are touching your scalp now and then you just bring it down against your scalp. So common mistake number five for me personally was do, I keep the bobby pin open slightly or do, I keep it closed the entire time when, I actually secure the hair into my head and this one is slightly controversy between a lot of hair lovers just. Because a lot of people or professionals recommend for you to keep the bobby pin closed at all times when you slide it in. But for me personally even when my hair is super fine and thin and flat when, I just put it into my hair just closed let me just show you right now it does not really grab the hairs on top it just grabs the hair from underneath. So it kind of looks sloppy and, I do not know it just never worked properly for me.

So what, I do to really help me to get the most use out of a bobby pin it I will open it just a little bit like the very first ridge and I will take my finger and a hold it right by the very first Ridge I will take that and then I will take the hair that, I want pin back and then I will make sure everything else is closed and obviously do not grab huge chunks of hair for our tiny little bobby pin that’s when you can use at least two-three-four bobby pins just to hold a section in place like for this section I will use like two or three bobby pins is. Because it is a lot of hair that’s important right Cavan miss dick number six is when, I would use too many bobby pins in the same place without getting the maximum hold the solution was just take two bobby pins and just crisscross them on top of each other it kind of inter winds the hair between the bobby pins and they last all day long all night long and it was like the greatest solution ever. So common mistake number seven was, I never knew how to actually hide those really tiny hairs with like a bobby pin properly which was like one bobby pin for example, I would you like a top nut on the very top right here and. Because my hair is shorter and has layers like those little hairs they would just like stick out straight out and now to use like fine bobby pins for like one little area and like try to hide it and they would just like always pop back up there’s one tiny little trick to that take your mini bobby pin and put the very end or that little part of your hair through the bobby pin and make sure you bring it all the way over to where that little hole is to the very end give it a little twist like one two like three two or three to four twists and then you stick it right into your hair and that way that hair is going to stay in place. Because it has more friction with the bobby pin and your hair instead of just putting it straight through the bobby pin without any twists common mistake number eight for me it kind of deals more with braiding, I kind of learned along the way was, I try to fix an issue for example, I would braid my hair and, I would miss like a little section of hair and, I wouldn’t put it into the braid. So what, I would try to do is take like two to four pins and like try to pin it on one side and take on the other side and pin it there’s an easier solution to that you grab your little bobby pin and make sure you put the hair right in between the ridges you do not take it to front or toward the back want the hair to be in the ridges. So what you do depending on the braid this is a Dutch braid.

So I’m going to loosen it and the little hole right here and just bring the hair through just like. So so depending on the length of your hair that is missing you can go through it once again through the braid especially Fitness the hair in the front, I bring it through once to towards the back and, I just kind of hide a little section in the back of the braid look underneath take the bobby pin that, I pulled it through take a section of the braid and the section that we just pulled and just kind of pin it underneath the braid that way you can’t see the section it looks like it is part of the braid, and it is hidden easy fix and this concludes this post for today let me know. If you guys also had some common mistakes with your bobby and how you solve them, I always want to read some more suggestions and how to make our relationship even tighter thank you so much for watch this post spending some time with me and I will see you in the next one bye.

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