Common Sense: The Empty Bag

Dr. H. S. Kasture, a renowned Ayurvedic physician and professor, tells a story of an Ayurvedic physician who takes his shopping bag and goes to the market to buy food for dinner. All the beautiful fresh foods are displayed there in abundance.

First the man begins filling his bag with lots of little pink-skinned potatoes. Uh-oh, these will increase my Vata, he says, and puts them back.

He then selects some luscious, red tomatoes, but just as he fills his bag, he remembers that tomatoes increase Pitta. So he returns them.

At the fruit stand the man picks out an inviting pineapple, a bunch of bananas, and a few oranges. Then he thinks to himself, All these fruits increase my Kapha. I will have to put them back.
And so he walks home to dinner with an empty bag.
Be a good eater, listen to your natural desires, follow common sense, and eat from a full bag.
Are we drowning in reusable grocery bags? – Ltf

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Common Sense: The Empty Bag

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