Concussion Severe blow to the head for child

Concussion (Severe blow to the head) for child

Watch the child carefully. If she begins breathing in an odd way, if she seems confused or irritable, vomits, becomes sleepy or does not stop crying within 15 minutes, get medical help immediately.

Let her lie on her side in case she vomits and inhales it (see sketch of recovery position p. 269).

Keep her warm but not overheated.

Try to keep her awake until help arrives by talking to her gently and getting her to reply to you. If a child who has had a bump on the head complains of severe headaches, is dizzy, is unable to move a limb, falls into a deep sleep, has enlarged pupils or pupils of differing sizes, or becomes very pale, keep her quiet and call a doctor immediately.

Concussion Severe blow to the head for child

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