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WORKLIFE NEW JOB OR NEW CAREER? Do you feel uninspired at work ? Here’s a checklist to find out whether it is indeed your career or job you should change. By Franfoise Gallet Does going to work feel like a drag, when you used to be enthusiastic about it? Maybe you are so demotivated that even your pay cheque is not enough to get you out of bed in the morning. That’s because we aren’t motivated to work purely for money, says career coach Khanya Matlala. Yours Hair is We choose to work because we have a deeper set of goals – to have an opportunity to do what we do best every day, Yours Hair is she says. When our job no longer offers us this opportunity, we start to rethink our options – perhaps a more exciting position or a change of career. But both prospects bring exciting possibilities and challenges. So how do you figure out what’s the right move and the right set of challenges for you now?


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Cool scene haircuts for girls

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