Coolest Hairstyles For Men

Most wig shops have plastic covers to put over your own hair before trying on the wigs. Play it safe bring your own “baggie.” To see clearly, stand in the window light or near an outside door to check your color. Fluorescent light is not good for making color choices as it gives everything a gray overtone. Most complexions do not look good with gray.

Don’t forget: to wear makeup when you’re trying on new colors you want to look your very best. Always remember makeup and hair color should work together hand-in-hand. When you find the perfect “new you” at the wig shop, you don’t have to make a drastic change the first time. You can start by just adding bits of highlights or lowlights of the color you like, if it is a shade which will blend well with your present hair color.

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If you’re a bit shy, you may possibly want to choose your new color in a safe, non-peroxide-based color refresher. These small adjustments will help take the edge off your dull, lifeless hair color.

These processes will return the luster, which is often missing, from the natural hair color, or, your longtime, color-treated hair color. Start small at first then add more intensity the next time. You will love the change and you will be glad you took the time for yourself. You can count on it!

Don’t have a wig shop near you, but you’d like to see yourself in a deeper shade? Buy a shampoo-out hair mousse. Take a day on the weekend and play a little. Don’t judge it right away style your hair a bit and put on some makeup and see how you look. If you hate it, at least you can shampoo it out.

Coolest Hairstyles For Men

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