Corner Flip into Messy Bun Hairstyles

I was at my girlsschool the other day and saw a probably fifth grader girl wearing this hairdo and thought it was adorable. So the next day I came home and tried it on my girls, and we are going to film it this morning for you guys. So I’m going to call it the corner flip under to a message bun. But you can finish it a lot of different ways. So do not just think it is only a messy bun. But you start by tip back, please separating off a square or rectangular shaped section right on the top of their head. Make sure it is straight. And this would be a good one for teenagers to do on their own hair. It’s pretty easy. Very cute. OK. Now when I section this off, I’m going to just make sure I have that even pull it to the corner. I’m going to do the right corner, but you could do either one. And that’s where I’m going to put the elastic.

Corner Flip into Messy Bun Hairstyles Photo Gallery

So right smack dab on that corner. Now I’m going to flip it using my homemade topsy tail, because I couldn’t find my other one this morning. So just flip the hair just like you would with any other topsy tail. But doing it right on the corner going to loosen that up just a little bit you will see from the front, it totally hides the rubber band and gives just a cute little look that I really liked. Now this is where I call messy bun, you really can do it into a million things. At this point, you could leave it down. You could do two braids. You could do a side ponytail. You could do a braid in the back. You could do a soft French braid. But just for the ease and convenience today, I’m going to do a messy bun. So just comb it back into a ponytail and create a messy bun. So today, I’m going to do this messy bun. Flip it around. One more elastic. And then you just section pieces and chunks and pull them different ways. No rhyme or reason. Just til you think it looks good. And then you secure all that with another rubber band. And then just pull little pieces and parts out. Like this, you can see, is going to fall anyway. So I’m just going to bobby pin that. Bobby pin right here. Until you like the way the messy bun looks. And then you are done. But if you do not like the messy bun, do something different on the ends. I like to separate those a little bit. And then just use a little hairspray to put things where you want them. Remember, messy buns are supposed to look messy. And there you go.

Corner Flip into Messy Bun Hairstyles

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