Cramp for child

Cramp for child

This is a painful contraction of muscles which may occur while swimming, during exercise or through loss of body salt.

1. Stretch the shortened muscles by straightening the affected limb, and then kneading and massaging it.

2. Give drinks of water containing half a teaspoon of salt to every glassful of water.


Examine the wound. If it is less than 2,5 cm long, has straight edges, is easy to clean, and does not go so deep into the skin that yellow fat shows, and is not on the face or in a joint, it probably does not need stitching.

1. Wash the cut well with soap and cool running water.

2. Stop the bleeding by pinching the edges together and applying pressure.

3. Hold firmly until bleeding stops (it may take 15 minutes or more).

Keep injured part raised to help stop bleeding.

Cover the cut with sterile gauze and hold in place with a strip of sticking plaster across the cut so that the edges are held together.

See a doctor if:

The cut is deep, even if it is small.

You cannot stop the bleeding within 15 minutes (see bleeding p. 270).

The edges are ragged.

The wound is dirty and you cannot clean it.

The child has not had a tetanus injection within the last 12 months and the wound was caused by anything that was in contact with soil.

The injury is on the face, or in a joint, or there is a possibility that a bone may be broken, or the injury causes weakness or numbness. Cuts on the hands are especially likely to result in damage to the nerve or tendon and these must be seen by a doctor.

Cuts on the scalp bleed a lot but if they are small and there is no sign of concussion you can stop the bleeding by applying pressure and closing the wound with sterile gauze and a sticking-plaster dressing.

If a wound becomes infected, see a doctor immediately.

The signs are:

Redness, pain, swelling and heat in the area. Red streaking from the wound, pus and a raised temperature are danger signals. See a doctor immediately.

Do not try and squeeze out pus, and do not touch the wound with your fingers.

Cramp for child

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