Create a Double Fan Bun in Under 2 Minutes

Hey guys, today I’m going to be showing y’all how to do this hairstyle, which I call the Double Fan Bun. And I love this hairstyle because I have my Majestic practice in the morning, which is dance practice, and I can wear this hairstyle, and it’ll not only stay in, but then I can just redo it for school, and it still looks, like, cute and casual, and, like, I didn’t try, but I really tried, and it takes, like, seconds to do. But, before we go on to the hairstyle, if y’all have not heard, we created a new blog called Squared, where there are twins that post every day of the week. If y’all want to check that out, there will be a link in the description box below, and you can hit the information button right up there.

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Now, let’s get on to the hairstyle. Okay, first I’m just going to pull my hair up into a high ponytail right here, on the center of my head,cause I want my bun to be kind of high. And I prefer not to use a brush when doing my ponytail, just because I like the way that, like, combing through with my fingers makes it look. It’s a little bit more messy, and less uniform, since it is kind of a messy bun. Now, I’m just going to twist my ponytail around twice and then the third time I’m going to take the ponytail and only pull about half of my hair out, and then create what I call a croissant bun,cause it kinda looks like a croissant roll to me. And then I have just left some of my ends hanging out here, and depending on the length of your hair, the amount of ends will be a little bit different. But that does not matter because it’ll work either way. So, I’m just going to take my ends here, and I’m going to put my finger in the middle, and curl them around so it creates another loop. And then I’m going to take these ends right here and tuck them into the rubber band. Tucked in like that. There will be a few pieces that pop out, you can just tuck those in.

Like so. And you can kinda just tweak it however you want. And then, I do not like the way that my ponytail is super slicked back right here, so I just take my fingers and kind of pull the hair forward and tweak it so it is a little bit looser, so it looks a little bit more like an adult style. and more casual and less slicked back. And then if you want, you can take, like, pieces on the sides, right here I have, like, little bangs that just kind of, they are not really bangs, but they are like layers that just kind of hang down all natural like that. And, if your ponytail feels a little loose, you can just tighten it right there, and you are good to go. Okay, here is the final spin. See the hairstyle, I love it. You guys, be sure to give this post a huge thumbs up and do not forget to hit the comment button right down there on the big red comment button. Please comment below on what your go-to hairstyle is, because I would really like to know for future reference. And, if you want to see anymore CGH posts, hit the information button right up there. See you next week, bye. Give me five. They both put their arms up. Good girls. Yeah. Wait, do Brooklyn again, I couldn’t see itcause Bailey was in the way. Give me five. Good job!.

Create a Double Fan Bun in Under 2 Minutes

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