Criss Cross Braid Hairstyles

Hi how are you, so I’m in California beautiful sunny California hence the setting is different but it is still me and today I’m going to show you is super easy new braids and I’m going to show you two different ways to do this hairstyle and they are both super easy and take just minutes to do. So for this hairstyle you do not really need a lot of things you are going to need your brush your hair elastics and for bracelet you should be wearing my locs is just because it gives me that extra thickness and length.

So I’m wearing my 160 gram set in marker Brown. So the first thing you want to do is always is brush the hair. So once you brush the hair all you want to do is just split the hair in three sections and you want to sort of have the longest sections on the sides.

So split it in three sections like you would with a normal braid now the next thing you want to do is just cross these two sections behind. So all you are doing is crossing them right and then bring the forward and what you are going to do here and this is going to be easier for you to see is you are going to cross it again. So you cross it and then you are going to bring it behind the third strand and cross it again behind it and that’s all you are really doing you are just crossing these two sections in the front and behind the third strand once you are done breathing you just want to grab your elastic and just secure that at the bottom and see that’s the cool thing about the fact that my hair is kind of lightened now that you can see the streaks going through the hair but even if you do not have highlights it is going to look really pretty and really awesome it kind of like 3-dimensional because from every side you have like a braid it looks like a regular braid braid but it is different because it it shows from every angle that you look at it now the second version of this hairstyle is the same thing but all you are doing is taking two thinner sections on the sides and you want to take the longest section you can find.

So one on the left and grab another one on the right and then they have to be really thin. So the most of the hair is going to stay in the middle and then you are going to take these two strands and do the exact same thing, I showed you before. So you are going to cross them in the back.

So you are just making a cross you see what I’m doing and then you bring these two sections forward and you cross them then bringing them backward crossing them in the back bringing them forward and just crossing them again and you are gonna go as as you know as low as you can go depending on how long your hair is and how long those two strands are for me, I just get like two crosses maybe three depending on you know how tight I’m braiding the braid once you are at the bottom of the braid you want to just grab your elastic and just secure it at the bottom. So this is what its gonna look like when you are done it is super easy and it is been really the same thing like the first version but it looks completely different perfect for everyday when you do not want to do your side braid and you just want to go for something different this would be a perfect alternative thank you. So much for tuning in, I love you guys and I will see in the next tutorial bye Oh.

Criss Cross Braid Hairstyles

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