Criss-Cross Braided Bun Hairstyles

Hey guys I’m going to be recreating this kind of a effortless chic look that, I personally love a lot because it contains a bun and braids to things that, I love in an updo.

So if you like this look and want to learn how to recreate it keep reading and I’ll take you through all the steps okay. So for this tutorial we’re going to need just a few basic styling tools and that’s gonna be a regular brush to comb through the hair a teasing comb this is Denman d3 bunch of small elastic bands that match your hair color we’re gonna need a regular elastic band and then some bobby pins. So that’s pretty much all we need and the first thing to do is to brush through the hair like always.

So for this look you’re gonna want to part your hair right in the middle. And I’ve already done. So step is to separate your hair into three sections one in the back and two on the sides.

So I’m just going to run my finger down my head and just separate the hair right where they here and do the same thing for this side. So once we have the front sections separated you’re gonna want to put the back hair into a ponytail. So the next step is going to be exactly the same for both sides.

So here we’re going to create basically a Dutch braid up to here and then a regular braid going all the way down and then I’ll show you what to do for the rest of it here I’m going to just separate the hair into regular almost like you’re doing a regular braid and then just separate it into three sections just like that and the only difference with the Dutch braid is that you’re going to just be putting the sections underneath. So for the regular braid you would go over and for this we’re just going to be going under. So just watch what I’m doing and then just practice because all it is is just practice.

So here I’m going to just go underneath the middle and this one again underneath the first one I’m going to hold the two sections with one hand and then we’re going to add the hair to this section just tightly hold this in place and then we’re gonna do the same thing for this side. So just add the hair to the back section and then once we have these sections in place again we’re just going to go underneath just like that and then underneath okay. So once you’ve created the break-up to the ear you’re just gonna continue going all the way down in a almost like a regular brand braid until the end of the hair and just secure with an elastic band.

So once we have the braids done I’m going to separate it for a more full effect. So all we’re doing is just holding onto the braid and just lightly pulling pieces of hair and you’re gonna want to work from the top all the way to the bottom. So once we have this side down I’m just going to repeat the process on this side.

So now that we have these two braids done I’m going to turn around and show you guys what to do for the ponytail and basically all we’re going to do is just put it up into a body what we’re going to do is super super easy it’s just start to grab sections of hair and just cheese once we have to hear all teased up I’m going to grab sections of hair and just start to roll it onto itself just like. So basically once we have one section that I’m going to continue doing the same thing for the rest of the hair I’m going to grab this section that has been teased and start to roll it onto itself into a shape of a bun and just attach it right next to the other section it’s now we’re going to continue to do the same exact process for the remaining hair. So once we have created the bun in the back the next step is pretty simple all we’re going to do is just grab these braids that we created or wrap it around the top of the bus flatten it against your head and just check in the mirror and then all you want to do is kind of position it all the way around the top of the bun and then around the underneath.

So all I’m doing is just grabbing the bobby pins and just securing the braid all the way around the top of the bun. So now that we have one side done I’m going to repeat the process and do exactly the same thing for this side. So once you’re done attaching the braids all the way around the van this look is complete, I personally really like how the bun is a bit more messy, I like how it gives you more of that effortless look but if you prefer your bun to be more you know put together then you can definitely use this donut-shaped chignon that you can pretty much get at any beauty supply stores.

So if you guys enjoyed this look as much as, I did and give it a try and if you’re gonna be recreating it then share with us on instagram with hashtag luxy hair for your chance to be featured on our luxy hair account on Instagram and the link for that will be in the bottom bar. So thank you. So much for reading and, I was the next post by.

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