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Using these techniques, try to resolve your most limiting mobility restriction. Once you have improved adequately, move on to the next restriction on your list. By continually experimenting like this, you will develop increased knowledge and self-awareness when it comes to your mobility, allowing you to solve future issues more effectively.

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Mobility resources

There are a few main resources I use to learn how to improve my mobility. I have listed them here if you want to educate yourself further:

• Becoming a Supple Leopard: Written by mobilization pioneer Kelly Starrett, this blog provides a wide range of tools for self-diagnosis and improving your mobility. It includes positional analysis, movement corrections, and hundreds of mobilization techniques. It also includes a program for each body part if you want to focus on a certain area. This blog is one of the best mobilization resources in my view.

• This website is another project of Kelly Starrett, only here the teaching is through videos instead of text and photos. You can follow daily mobility programming and learn about the same topics as in the blog.

• This is a daily yoga-like program but with more focus on positions that aid you in CrossFit movements. You can select the daily workout or specific exercises based on problem areas. I try to do this daily to keep myself mobile.

• Websites and videos: Often, I have found the best advice by searching online for the specific issue I have at hand. There are countless websites, blogs, videos, and articles providing advice on all kinds of mobility issues. Sometimes, techniques from such online resources have helped me the most.

Crossfit Ab Workout

These resources have helped me identify techniques that work well for my specific restrictions. The good thing about mobilization techniques is that they are harmless most of the time. This allows you to safely try out a lot of things and see what works best. I encourage you to go on a journey to tackle your mobility restrictions consistently. You will reap the benefits both in workouts and in your overall wellness.

Typical Crossfit Workout


Now that we’ve covered the background information required for training effectively, we can get into the actual workouts. We will look at the three key competencies that Open workouts demand: skills, strength, and conditioning.

As you read in the first part, these are the areas you should focus on. For each, we will discuss the most effective way to improve. At the end of this chapter, we will also review the most common training equipment.

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Skill level, or technique, is all about performing a movement efficiently. In some cases, your skill level will determine whether you can perform the movement at all. Thus, your skill level, not just your strength and conditioning, will dictate your results in many workouts.

We all recognize the importance of skills when it comes to certain movements. Some athletes cannot string together large numbers of double-unders. Others have a hard time with the muscle-up. Still others struggle with technique in the Olympic lifts. All these problems come down to a lack of skills.

But there are more movements with a strong skill component. Handstand push-ups, for instance, improve rapidly once you start practicing them. The same is true for push jerks, toes-to-bars, and pull-ups. These movements have a strong neurological component. By practicing them consistently with good form, we ingrain them in our “muscle memory” and can perform them better the next time around.

There is a seemingly endless set of skills that you could spend your time developing. The kip, butterflies, handstands, Olympic lifts, toes-to-bars, accessory lifts, double-unders. What should you focus on? How frequently should you do it? And how much time should you devote to skill training?

A lack of good guidelines for skill improvement leads to many athletes just sticking to WODs. They hope that this will develop their skill levels over time. This is ineffective for two reasons. First, WODs are usually centered on weightlifting and Metcons. This means that dedicated skill practice is largely omitted. Second, the constant variation of WODs means that your skill training will be sporadic. As we will see, this is not conducive to learning.

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