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Combine different movements

Another characteristic of past Open workouts that we can inspect is their structure, or how the workout is organized into different movements. There are four primary types of workout structures in past Open workouts:

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• Couplets. These are workouts with many rounds and the same two movements in each round. An example of a couplet would be 5 rounds of 10 burpees and 40 double-unders.

• Triplets are like couplets but with three movements in each round.

• Ladders. These workouts feature a weightlifting movement in which the weight becomes heavier with each round. An example of a ladder workout would be as many rounds as possible of 5 squat cleans, adding 20 lb. on the barbell between each round.

• Chippers. These workouts do not have any rounds. Instead, athletes perform movements in succession. An example of a chipper workout would be 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, and 300 squats, performed for time.

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The following chart shows past Open workouts categorized by these four structures. One insight we can gain from this is similar to that of the goal categorization: power is the main predictor of performance. Additionally, the four ladder workouts indicate that strength can be the dividing factor every now and then.

Another interesting insight from this data is the prevalence of couplets and triplets. This shows how CrossFit combines different movements to increase intensity beyond the stress of any single movement. We will take note of this and mimic it to some extent in our training, discussed later in the blog.

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Improve the right movements

We cannot simplify CrossFit down to only maximizing power and combining a few movements. This becomes clear when we look at the frequency of movements in past Open workouts. The following chart shows the frequency of each movement appearing in an Open workout for the last five years.

Snatches Thrusters Wall-ball shots Toes-to-bars Chest-to-bar pull-ups Burpees Muscle-ups Cleans Deadlifts Double-unders Rowing Handstand push-ups Box jumps Overhead squats Shoulders-to-overheads Lunges

Crossfit Basic Exercises

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