Cry Baby Mini Wah By Dunlop

I have used and own a lot of wah pedals but the Cry Baby is still the sound I hear in my head when I want that real wah sound. Dunlop took all the great Cry Baby components and put them into a mini casing that does not take up as much prime real estate on your pedal board. It is literally half the size of a normal Cry Baby wah pedal, but it gives you more tonal voices by providing a wrench to adjust the internal components to – Low, Vintage or GCB95 (modern). It is equipped with the Fasel conductor, is true bypass and has a full sweep range to the pedal. Testing it out in the field I was happiest with the Vintage mode, although I could see applications for the Low and GCB95 sounds also.

It’s basically three pedals in a pint sized box! www.

Cry Baby Mini Wah By Dunlop

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