Cupcake Bath Bombs

(Makes about 7) YOULL NEED For Bombs: 8 oz. baking soda 4 oz. citric acid (available at healthfood stores) 4 oz. cornstarch 4 oz. Epsom salt 2½ tbsp. coconut oil ¾ tsp. water 2 tsp. vanilla extract 4 drops food coloring cupcake liners For Frosting: 3 tbsp. meringue powder (available at craft stores) 6 tbsp. warm water 1 lb. powdered sugar 1 tsp. vanilla extract rainbow sprinkles

1. Mix together baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, and Epsom salt in a glass bowl.

2. In a separate bowl, combine coconut oil (warm it up in the microwave so its liquidy), water, vanilla extract, and food coloring.

3. Add the wet mixture to the dry ingredients one spoonful at a time (to minimize fizzing) until it feels like wet sand. You might not use all of the wet mixture throw the remaining out.

4. Pack the mixture into cupcakesize balls, then place them in the liners and flatten the tops. Let them dry completely. (This will take a few hours.)

5. In another bowl, use an electric mixer on high to mix the meringue powder and water until frothy. Add powdered sugar and vanilla extract and beat until stif. 6. Spread frosting on the bomb base. Finish with sprinkles; let dry.

Cupcake Bath Bombs

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