Curly Hair Messy Bun Hairstyles

Hi guys I will be doing another tutorial for naturally curly hair. I have gotten So many requests since my last one to create more. So today I will be doing another one for you guys if your hair is not naturally curly and you still want to do this look you absolutely can all you need to do is curl your hair with a half an inch curling iron the smallest one you can find and, I would suggest taking smaller sections and curling your hair and you can definitely do this look with the same amount of texture and volumes. So if you like this look and want to learn how to do it then keep reading and I will take you through all the steps ok.

So to create this look will need some basic styling tools and that will be some bobby pins and here elastic and some hairspray if you have any flyaways. So let’s begin. So the first thing you are gonna want to do is just pull your hair back into a ponytail and you can decide where you want to place the ponytail I’m sort of going to go somewhat in the middle you can do really high up or really high down it is totally up to you.

So that’s why we are going to use the elastic Bend and I’m just going to bring all of the hair back and put the hair into a loose ponytail. So once the hair is up in the ponytail I’m going to use some hairspray to just kind of tame these flyaways and the baby hair that, I have. So what I’m going to do actually just spray my hand and then go over lightly over any flyaways the next step is to basically do the same process for the entire ponytail and it is really simple process.

So I’m going to show you on one section and then I’m going to turn around and do the rest of it and, I know it is a little hard to hear when, I turn around. So I will just show you on one and then I will just pass forward the rest of it because it is pretty much the same thing. So all you want to do is just select sections over here about medium size about two inches or.

So and then you want to start to twist the section. So once you have your section twist it up all you want to do is grab like one or two strands of actual hair and you want to pull like. So you want to pull it the section up towards your head.

So once you do that you create this little mini bun and all you want to do is just grab some bobby pins and randomly attach this to your head. So it is going to be a very organic sort of style in a sense that it is going to look different every time you do it. So here we go one section is in place you can put in another bobby pin if you want to make sure that it is secure.

So the idea is to take a section of hair twist it and then use one or two strands do not just pull the section towards your head and then attach it to the head using some bobby pins. So once you are done twisting the hair and attaching it in the back the look is done, I would definitely suggest to use a mirror when you are doing this on yourself to just check the back and position and reposition the hair where you are pinning it. So you can kind of shape the bun in any kind of shape that you like.

So once you are done doing that you are finished with the look however if you wanted to take this look to the next level and not have it more like a daytime look you could definitely dress it up with some hair accessories and, I would suggest using some small flowers and you can attach them kind of on the side like this and, I have these two yellow flowers that, I think would look really pretty if you just attach them on the side like that. So either way if you do it for an everyday or evening look, I think it is super beautiful and. So simple and who does not like a simple hairstyle.

So anyways thank you. So much for reading and I will see in the next post bye.

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