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Lipstick, we used various colors. At first, we had a hell of a time with Cinemascope no reds photographed anything but auburn. We had to go to light pink. MAKEUP MUSES Lauren Hutton One of the original 1960s models, and later an actress, Lauren Hutton was and is still known for her gap-toothed smile, sun-kissed skin, and adventurous tomboy style. She wasn’t just pivotal in changing perceptions of makeup and how women should look, but also the way the fashion and cosmetics industries treated modelsboth financially, and in terms of not just focusing on younger women. She was born Mary Laurence Hutton in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1943, although she grew up in rural Florida with her mother and stepfather after her father died when she was twelve. After graduating from the University of South Florida, she was interested in pursuing a career as an artist but instead headed to New York.33 An ad in the newspaper led her to her first modeling job for Dior, which she conned her way into, although she soon moved on when she realized that her pay (fifty dollars a week) was meager compared to an hourly rate. Diana Vreeland, the editor of Vogue at the time, was very influential in launching Hutton’s career and apparently told her on their first meeting, You! You have quite a presence. Hutton has commented, When [Diana] saw me, fashion was still deep in the fifties. It might have actually been64, but America was still like Mad Men . . . In contrast, Hutton wore jeans and T-shirts and sneakers. In 1966, Vreeland got Richard Avedon to photograph the young Hutton, resulting in the memorable shots of her mid-jump (prompted by her acting out to Avedon how she would jump over swamp animals when she was younger).Long Curly Casual Hairstyle – Medium Red (Chocolate … Ltf

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Long Curly Casual Hairstyle – Medium Red (Chocolate … Ltf

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Curly haircuts nj

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