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Hi my beautiful friends, I personally love my hairstyles cute and easy. So today I’m going to show you real my new favorite hairstyles that are super cute and super easy.

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So let’s begin here comes number one. So, I hope this first hairstyle swept away all I’m gonna do here is grab a section of my hair and I’m gonna start twisting it in a big chunk and just twist it twist it all the way to the left and then I’m gonna separate smaller section and with that smaller section of hair I’m gonna wrap around the bigger section of hair and then I’m gonna grab my bobby pin and just pin it in the back and that’s it and here comes number two the second hairstyle, I absolutely love and, I call it the mini bun. So all you really do is grab a section of hair from each side bring it to the back it is like as if you are doing a ponytail and then you start just twisting the hair and as you twist it you roll it into a bun and then grab a bobby pin and just pin it in place and then just spend it out a little bit and you are done number three and the last hairstyle going to show you is the rope braid have two and all you are gonna do for this one is you take one section you just like from left to right and you start making rope braid and braid it all the way down and then bobby pin it at the bottom do the same thing on the other side now bring both sections back start with one of them and then take the bobby pin out and pin it in place now bring the other braid back also pin it in place and then if you have any hair sticking out on the sides which you know as you can see, I do you can just sort of hide it in the rest of the hair and just kind of brush it all with your fingers and that’s it the look is done.

So that’s it for today my beauties let me know how you like this three easy and cute a hairstyles down below leave me a comment love reading your comments like this post and comment for more awesome posts also favourite this post for those times when you are you know you are in a rush and you want something cute and easy like every day thanks. So much for tuning in love you guys the antithesis bye hey cuties look at them bathing actually both command Oh beauty oh you do not need a bobby pin it is not edible you.

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