Cute Braided Updo for Short or Long Hair

Today. I have this quick braided updo this inspired by this hairstyle. I was on Ugly Betty like a year, and a half ago and, I will actually doing it. Because this was the first hairstyle. I ever did on YouTube, and it is my one-year anniversary just a couple days ago.

Cute Braided Updo for Short or Long Hair Photo Gallery

So. I decided to pull this one back out, and do a tutorial on it. Because the original post just wasn’t very good, and it was a little hard to follow. So I decided to redo it. And I hope this one’s a lot more easy to follow. And I hope it kind of brings this hairstyle back for a lot of more viewers.

So, I will really excited about that let me just say, I will sorry for being m.i.a. So much this past couple weeks, I have had midterms, I have been sick my dog’s butt in surgeries just been a lot of stuff but. I have one more post coming up this week on my feather hair extensions. Because you guys have asked a lot about it, and then next week, I will be back to tutorials as usual. So thanks for hanging in there. I love you guys, and hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial you.

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