Cute Hair in 5 Minutes – Inspired by Juliet on Gossip Girl

Hey girls Abbey here. So for our second hairstyle for Julia. I decided to do something ridiculously simple. I thought it was about time for something like that um basically what Julia did a lot in the series was to have like a lot of volume or at least a good bit of volume back here, and then some kind of loose button she wore that for about % of the episodes that she was in if not more, and it came out later in this series that she like did her own hair, and all that kind of stuff and. So I was. I was playing her off my hair trying to figure out what to do with this tutorial. And I ran across this one. And I was immediately like wow. I really like this like. I want to wear this a lot, and then. I was like well. I should definitely put do the tutorial on that, and but then. I thought well maybe it is too easy. So I went back, and forth on it a lot but. I decided to upload it anyway. Because it really is just it is nice, and simple but it looks pretty, and it really complements a lot of fall fashion this season and. So I thought it would be a good one to go ahead, and throw in there. So please forgive me for making an easy tutorial but. I really like this hairstyle. And I hope you guys do too cut.

Cute Hair in 5 Minutes – Inspired by Juliet on Gossip Girl Photo Gallery

I really like it umm. So yeah that’s enough of a long intro you. I hope you guys have a good day hope you like the post see you in next post Oh a super easy you are going to start out by making a really deep side part. And I like to do that with like a rat tail comb or something like that, and then take the hair from the crown of your head gather it together, and push it up just to create a little bit of volume on top there. I think having the loose volume really adds a lot to this hairstyle. So this is definitely a step that you want to incorporate then you are going to criss cross pin over that to hold that up, and then click the rest of the hair into a ponytail just underneath those bobby pins.

And. I think you will find that having then that first step just adds a little bit to this it is more than just a messy updo or just like a messy bun. Because you actually added in one or two things like that you want to keep the rest of the hair loose as well, and then you are going to twist your hair really loosely, and wrap it into the shape of a button the key here is not to twist too tightly, and then you can bobby pin in place you might find that you use a little bit more bobby pins. Because you didn’t twist this tight but. I think the end product is going to be a lot prettier it also turns out really nicely if you use some kind of curled texture if you scratched your hair first, and then if you want to you can brush your fringe out of the way, and pin it back, and that’s it.

Cute Hair in 5 Minutes   Inspired by Juliet on Gossip Girl

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