Cute Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle

Hi today I’m gonna show you this really cool hairstyle, I was doing my friends here and her hair’s actually quite short and just kind of playing with it and, I thought of this new really cool twist that half up half down hairstyle and the greatest thing about this hairstyle is that it looks great on straight hair curly hair wavy hair short hair long hair.

So after doing it on her, I liked it. So much that, I tried around on myself and, I think it looks great it is super easy to do it on yourself. So enough chatting I’m just gonna show you how to do it now.

Cute Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle Photo Gallery

So let’s get started alright step number one grab your brush and brush your hair that’s what, I always do before, I do anything with my hair to make sure that are no tangles and as you guys can see I’m wearing my um Revlon luxy hair extensions today. And I have already waived my Luxus with my hair but like, I said before you do not need to do this to do this hairstyle, I just think it looks prettier and more feminine if you have wavy hair but you can do it on straight hair too alright. So now that, I brushed it here I’m gonna turn around and tell you what to do in the back now the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to separate the banks because, I do not want them in my twist.

So I’m just gonna grab these sections and then the rest I’m gonna be twisting now the steps of this hairstyle are super easy start with left or right side it does not really matter. So what I’m gonna do is just bring hair from one side and then bring hair from the other side as well. So just two sections bring them together and then what I’m going to do is once they are together I’m just gonna twist them and as, I twist it I’m gonna bring the hair a little bit down now what I’m going to do is just add more hair into the twist.

So I’m just gonna take more hair from left and right add that into the twist and then continue twisting them together and I’m just going to do that one last time. So I’m just going to more hair from the left and from the right and when you are adding hair of course you can add thick sections thin section is totally up to you, I kind of am going for more medium thin sections right now and then once. I have added the third section I’m going to twist it a bit more and then just grab my hair elastic and secure this in place and once.

I’ve secured the twist everything’s finished that’s it let me know how you like this hairstyle I’m still kind of confused as to what I’m gonna call it. So if you have any suggestions let me know down below I’m debating between a twisted half do or twisted French half half half down hairstyle something like that. So let me know if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear from you let me know how you like this hairstyle down below leave me a comment like this post it will totally make my day thank you.

So much for tuning in I will see you next week, I love you guys bye.

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