Cute Layered Ponytail Teen Hairstyles

Howdy, folks. Today we are going to film what I’m calling a layered pony. Just kind of a fun little twist on ponytails. So I’m starting with her hair wet. Normally I would just do damp, but she just got out of the shower, so it is pretty wet this morning. And I parted it is on the left, a nice left side part. You can always part on the right if that’s where you want. I’m going to pick up just one small little section right in the front of her hair and pull it back. Just straight back. And then I’m going to reach around and pull another section from the other side. Same theme. Just want to find a little small section. And we are going to pull it all they way around her head.

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And we are going to rubber band them together. So this morning I’m using little clear rubber bands. Don’t worry if it does that, we will fix that. You can always re-situate the hair. So when you get the first one where you want it, then I go back in and pull another little section from the front of her hair. We’re going to pull it over top. And another section from the opposite side as well. And we are going to pull them around and rubber band it over the top of the last piece.

Her hair’s really sliding through there because it is so wet this morning. And place it. And pick up another section of hair. I like just a little bit of separation in my sections. So this one I picked up a little bigger piece. And same thing, pull it around. And rubber band. You can do this as many or as few times as you want, it just depends on what you want it to look like. Try to pull from the underneath hair. Rubber band. And I think I will do at least one more. Pull the section. You can hear my son in the background saying, owee. Rubber band. And now you can leave it just like this if you want, or you can take it and pull it into a pony at the very bottom as well. It just depends on what you want to do. And flip it over the side. And there you have kind of a fun looking little almost looks fish tailed.

Cute Layered Ponytail Teen Hairstyles

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