Cute Makeup Ideas For Dark Brown Eyes

Use the raised Morning Face Strawberry polisher to your hands, or give it to a friend. The sweet smell of strawberries and cream will illuminate her day.

Approximately 2 application amounts

6 medium strawberries, 1 small egg separated from the stems 1 soup spoon honey 1/8 lemon pieces, peeled and removed from the nuclei

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1 soup spoon wheat extract

1 soup spoon cleaning cream

2 soup spoon lavender buds 1 soup spoon oats, thinly battered

1 tea spoon kaolin

2 drops Healthy Thyme

1. Blend 1 strawberry, egg, honey, lemon, wheat germ and a cleansing creamy nutrient for 1 minute together in one of the other strawberries. Strawberries are natural toothbrushes.

2. Pour the mixture into a hill or cup. Add lavender, oats, kaolin and Healthy Caviar and stir well to feed.

3. Eat another strawberry.

4. When using, apply gentle sweeping movements to clean up the mixture in a rising manner. Rinse well then apply again. Rinse again and rub the face to dry slightly. Spray a hydrosol of your choice several times over the face, and apply a moisturizer.

5. Eat the last straw.

Your skin is parched with strawberry

Cute Makeup Ideas For Dark Brown Eyes

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