Although he is one of a short list of players to have appeared in a single NHL game, Darren Boyko had a lengthy career in Europe, principally Finland, where he was later inducted into its national hockey hall of fame.

A two-way skater, faceoff artiste, top scorer, and team player, Boyko had one particularly odd superstition that worked in direct contrast to 1960s Leafs coach Punch Imlach’s. Boyko never looked at a clock when it read 11:11. “If I saw that time, the team or I would have a bad game,” he confessed. How he came to associate bad luck with the time 11:11 is a mystery even to him, but it stuck with him for a decade and more until he came home, retired, and never worried about time again. Imlach, on the other hand, revered the number for its good fortune.

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