Date of Makeup

The changes made in percentage with various colors to make the face beautiful or to change the style are called “make-up”.

The changes that beauty institutes make to make up for a certain type of film and television artists, such as “make-up”, are called make-up, as are the changes made by some of the materials to close the imperfections of women and to fit them into a general sense of beauty.

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Makeup has a very old history. Firstly, the information about why, by what method and what materials are made of makeup was obtained by examining the makeup they made during the religious ceremonies of the primitive people who are living today. For example, Patagonians paint their faces with white chalk during religious ceremonies.

Australian natives are still wearing white feathers and putting their hair on their noses in such ceremonies. The Indians were wearing hundreds of marine animals, masks adorned with tinted carved paints representing monsters.

Date of Makeup

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