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Hello Hey all, Welcome back you guys, I have missed posting. So much. But I’m back and, I have a new post for this really easy glam daytime winged liner where you can wear it to like an office Christmas party or you can just wear it for whatever okay the first step is to prime the eyelids, I always do this just to ensure that my eyeliner or matte eyeshadow will stay put all day long for the eyeliner, I opted for the makeup forever artist liner in the shade I’m 10 this is just a regular black eyeliner and you can use any eyeliner. But do not use a Kohl. Because you want an eyeliner that will stay put on your eyelids and that won’t transfer.

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So, I started in the inner corner and do a small thin line and then, I made my way over to the outer corner where, I made the line thicker and more intense to help me draw the flick, I actually use the angled pencil brush by Mac the 266 and, I actually dipped the pencil brush onto the eyeliner pencil and then draw the flick there this trick actually helps me control how big of a line or flick that, I want to do and then what’s in done drawing the flick, I go back onto the entire line that, I just drew just to intensify the black eyeliner all right here comes the fun part the glitter. So, I went for the Stila magnificent metal eyes in the shade and vintage black gold and, I used a small detailer brush by it cosmetics and just to wet it, I just used my mac fix+ this just gives it that beautiful metallic intense look. So, I started in the inner corner of my eyes first and, I did very gentle strokes and then, I patted the eyeshadow on top of the black eyeliner that, I did first, I actually didn’t put the glitter all on my eyeliner, I stopped about 3/4 of the way just to give that intense black eyeliner flick at the end I’m gonna let this set and dry and I’m gonna move on to the foundation which today, I went for the makeup forever H altra HD in the shade Y 2 to 5 with the Sigma flat kabuki f80 brush this is pretty self-explanatory just put it all over your face where it needs and then always do not forget your neck just blend away for the concealer I’m using the mac prolongwear concealer in the shade nw20 and to apply the concealer I’m using a really tiny foundation brush by it cosmetics and then just apply it wherever, I need to be concealed and to blend the concealer I’m actually using my one of my favorite brushes it is the cosmetics heavenly luxe complexion perfection number 7 brush that’s a very long name. But this is just perfect. Because it is smaller side is perfect for around the eyes and around the nose and then the bigger side is perfect for all over the face and then here I’m just setting my concealer and foundation and then, I move on to the eye brows this step is very quick, I skipped it and here it is all done in here I’m just letting the eyebrows I’m actually gonna go back and clean up the eyeliner using a small cleaning eyeshadow brush and I’m gonna dip it into the concealer that, I used for concealer in my face and then just line it very precise and just make that sharp clean look to blend I’m just gonna do the other side nothing on it clean and just blend it out very gently and carefully. So you are gonna ruin the highlighter that we did earlier alright. So next step is mascara and obviously you can put on false lashes here, I chose not to that is my choice you will go ahead and be glamorous.

So for the bottom lashes, I only put mascara on the outer corners or the outer lashes just to kind of elongate my eye and yes, I actually like how that looks. If you want to see how, I contour my face more in-depth, I have a separate post for that click on the top right there’s gonna be that little, I click on it and the list will come down with the post and some other posts, I will suggest all right. So the lipstick, I chose the Mac and cream Sheen in the color creme de nude oh, I just love this color it is so beautiful. But I felt like it was a little too nude. So, I did put a little bit of NYX look Schlick blush in the shade beige just on the middle honey came home and he gave me some weird kisses alright. So that’s the finished look it is very easy. But it kind of gives you that holiday, I do not know festive look to your eyes, and it is kind of unusual eyeliner look give it a try and let me know what you think and I will see you next time.

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