Dazzling make-up

Dazzling make-up

PLANE D is the eyelid itself and can be illuminated or shaded. If all eyes are to be hollow, plane D can be shaded, but if the eyeball itself is to be taken out, D should be lit by catching the light and the upper part between it and the other areas should be shaded deeply. When D catches a light, it is normally shadowed in Cl, though there may be a deep shadow between the fields.

PLANE E for some dazzling makeup is only illuminated in the lower part, with the available shade near the eye.

Either for age or glaring, the actor sometimes wants to bring a more prominent lid effect than it is natural. This can often be successfully filled with paint. With a moderate brush, lighten over your natural eyelid, draw an enlarged eyelid in figure F, as shown in figure F, then draw the new eyelid with a deep shadow and shade upwards with a middle brush. The shaded corner should be made very dark when styleing this false eyelid. Thus, a deep wrinkle effect is given. The effect is more convincing if the eye is not wide open.

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If the periphery of the character’s eye is shadowed, it will be broadly concentrated in the plane D generally. Everywhere, for fair make-up, if the headlight is expected to be obvious, the placement and color characteristics are determined at the base of the selection.

Were you going to follow the fashion or not? If so, what was the latest fashion at that time? You need to think about this too. Beware of a color that is arguing with your costume. Will not the lashes be attached? These are important questions and should be carefully considered.

To effect weak eyes, all of the lower part of D and plane E can be powdered with a narrow brush. The use of reddish around an open eye has the effect of age or weakness of the eyes, or indicates the crying of the character. When using reddish around eyes, apply it with great care and move it again so that nothing gets into your eye.

Dazzling make up

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