How Decorate A Small Living Room

How does your app work? It allows anyone to get or give advice about home decorating through crowdsourcing. You can upload photos to ask specific design questions, like what kind of rug you should get. It’s very visual, so if someone suggests a new paint color, the picture changes so you can preview how that color would look in the room. You can also browse other people’s photos and share your design ideas. It’s really fun.

When did you know that computers were your thing? I didn’t do coding at all during high school because my school didn’t offer it. Then I started college at Harvey Mudd and took an intro to computer science class that everyone has to take, and it was so great.

The assignments were things I related to and enjoyedone of the first programs I created figured out the highest-scoring Scrabble word you could make based on your rack of tilesso I decided to major in computer science. What do you love so much about coding? I really enjoy knowing that it is possible for me to make something out of nothing and help other people. And when you are creating apps, you are not just codingyou’re designing, too. It’s a very cool process.

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How Decorate A Small Living Room

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