The object of deep frying is to cook food thoroughly inside while outside it becomes golden and lightly crisp. Most foods that are to be deep-fried are first seasoned, marinated, and dipped in batter. Here is how to convert the wok into a deep fryer: heat it briefly, then pour in 4 to 6 cups of peanut oil and heat the oil to 325°F. to 375°F. depending on what you are to cook.

Oil should be heated to a temperature a bit higher than that required for frying the food because, when food is placed in it, the oil temperature will drop. It then rises again. I use a frying thermometer, which I leave in the oil, to help me regulate the oil’s temperature.

When the oil reaches the proper temperature, slide the food down the sides, from the rim of the wok, into the oil. Remember to keep the temperature of the oil steady by turning the heat up or down as required.

The utensil to use for moving ingredients in deep frying is the Chinese mesh strainer. Its large surface and stout bamboo handle are ideal for removing foods from oil and straining them as well. In my view, this strainer is far more useful and efficient than a slotted spoon.

If you do not have a wok, you can deep-fry in a very large pot, using a Chinese mesh strainer (or a mesh spaghetti strainer), as described above.

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