Definite Solution for Nail Fungus

Definite Solution for Nail Fungus

The nail fungus caused by organisms is not only a visual problem but an infection that also affects the nail plate and bed. How do we know if it is fungus?

Here are the answers if they have yellow green color changes, or if they are painful or bad, they have nail fungus. What is the precise solution to the nail fungus?

Among the techniques we can offer as a solution to the nail fungus are laser medicine and doctor’s advice. The exact solution to the nail fungus does not come by itself, it requires a treatment process.

Using the slippers in the public pools to change your socks often after the nail has been treated as the definitive solution. Cutting your toenails in a straight line is an effective way to be done after nail fungus protection treatment.

In addition, people with diabetes are at higher risk of catching nail fungus in people who are constantly sweating with people who are over 65 years old and their feet are very moist. For this reason, you should follow a more careful path in accordance with the rules for the remaining points that require medical treatment.

This gold-impregnated oil acts as a soothing, gentle treatment to treat the nail fungus. At the same time, it also serves as a wonderful bath and massage oil.

2 cups of golden flower, dry (or 3 cups of freshly-fried flower see item 177)
1 extra virgin olive oil
1 soup spoon E vitamini oil

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1 Pour the olive oil into a handled saucepan and heat it as little as possible. Do not allow the oil to boil only if it has a good heat or around 50 ° C. Add the flowers and mix until all of the petals are covered. Stir over the fire for 12 to 24 hours, do not cover, stir in a few hours.

2 Pass the mixture through the strainer with the help of a pantyhose, allowing the liquid to fill the lower chan- nosa. Squeeze the oil in the flowers.

Stir 3 e Vitamin oil into vegetable oil. Store the oil in the refrigerator and consume it within 6 months.

Usage: Apply directly to the nail; add two soup spoons to hot bath water; use as a massage oil for normal to dry skin; or as a soothing, moisturizing agent for massage and facial oils.

Quantity of product: Approximately 1 lt

Diet: If self-care can not be achieved, then a nutritional doctor should be your second option to get to the basics of your problems.

Golden oil: An oil impregnated with gold can provide anti-inflammatory properties and can relieve both pain and irritation for psoriasis disorders. This is a soothing, moisturizing, gentle compound that can be used every day when needed.

Definite Solution for Nail Fungus

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