Demi Lovato’s Best Beauty Makeup Skin-Care Tips

STEP 1 Start by glueing on false eyelashes. STEP 2 Sweep a light – coloured eye shadow in the inner corners of eyes and a medium shade on the lids. STEP 3 Apply black eyeliner to the upper lash lines and underneath the eyes. STEP 4 Pat petroleum jelly onto eyelids. Dip a damp, fluffy eye -shadow brush into loose silver glitter and lightly tap onto lids. STEP 5 Finish by applying black mascara to top and bottom lashes. Shine on!

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STEP 1 Prep lips by exfoliating with a scrub, then moisturise with a lip balm. STEP 2 Apply your fave red lippie. STEP 3 Define lips with a lipliner in a similar red shade. STEP 4 Twirl a cotton swab or lipstick brush in red glitter and pat onto lips, covering every inch. Repeat until lips are super-sparkly. STEP 5 Press lips together to put the glitter into place. Go dazzle everyone!

STEP 1 Start by applying a clear base coat. STEP 2 Apply a gold nail polish. It usually takes two coats to create a solid base. STEP 3 Add three coats of gold -glitter polish. STEP 4 Seal the look with a long -lasting top coat. Voilà: TDF glitter nails.

STEP 1 Part hair into a side parting using a thin comb, and secure the parting with hairspray. STEP 2 Squeeze some hair gel into a container and sprinkle in gold glitter. Mix together with a tinting or paint brush. STEP 3 Begin at the front of the head and paint backwards. Finish by sprinkling sequins over the roots. Hello, Insta -slayer!

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