Diet Pancakes

This recipe for pancakes doesn’t even use flour, so you can enjoy them guilt free. They are so simple to make, so good to eat, and versatile. You can eat them for breakfast or dessert, or get creative and use them as a part of another meal. Cinnamon, ginger, vanilla and cocoa are all great additions. Ingredients:

• 2 eggs

• 2 ounces of cream cheese

• A few drops of liquid stevia

• Vanilla powder or a pinch of cinnamon

• Butter for frying

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1. Blend the 2 eggs and the cream cheese.

2. Add the stevia and the spices.

3. Blend until smooth.

4. Heat and melt the butter in the frying pan.

5. Once the pan is hot, pour a pancake-sized amount of batter into the frying pan.

6. Once the sides are firm enough to flip (this should take about two minutes), flip the pancake and let it cook for another minute or until a nice golden brown color.

7. Enjoy with a bit of sour cream and/or a couple of berries.

Diet Pancakes

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