Different African Hairstyles

RED STABILIZER: Red shades last longer if you shampoo and dry your hair before you color your hair. Your hair will be clean, so you don’t have to shampoo after the process. Remember: 20% of the color goes down the drain and no color is harder to hold onto than red.

Be sure you use a non-detergent shampoo please, no dandruff shampoo.

Use a shampoo with a red additive at least once a week. Do not buy a blue- base formula even if your hair color is an overall auburn-red brown. Use a red shade and mix it with your shampoo. A good one is Coloursplash!. The patented formula (which has no ammonia or peroxide) contains the best hair color chemicals on the market. In fact, the product was created with this kind of quality in mind. When using hair color, you need to have the best quality to help maintain perfect hair color. You can find it on my website: http://www.lavenderhillhaircolor.com/

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Use a color conditioner or color refresher every week or two. You can either do this yourself to save money or go to the salon. This will cost about the same as a tint re-touch in the salon but it is well worth it for beautiful, continuous hair color you will see as a result. This gives an over-gloss of hair color which retains the color you desire.

If your hair is dry and brittle, use a treatment mask before you color. This will help repair and add moisture to any damage that may prevent the hair color from holding. Overly damaged or excessively porous hair will totally remove the newly-applied hair color pigments from the hair shaft as soon as it is shampooed. Hair must be healthy in order to hold hair color.

Don’t use hairspray too close to the hair it will strip the hair color faster than any other product. Also avoid other hair products that contain large amounts of alcohol. I often see women with thin hair holding a can of hairspray no more than one inch from their head. They spray once then spray twice, then spray again.

Different African Hairstyles

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