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‘I just try to write music that moves me. Diy 6 cube organizer I’m trying to express some truthfulness. There are no gimmicks, no beeps and whistles. I feel a bit like I’m an outsider. I’m very inspired by music that feels like it comes from one of the main tributaries of blues, or jazz, or that kind of heritage.

But it is OK, because there’s no such thing as a scene nowadays. You can jump out of the ground looking like 1959, 1979, 1989…

Jon, now 37, admits to an underlying drive: “A desire to show off. The performer in me loves to perform. I think to myself; I can do this and I should be doing this. I love it… Making music. I have no other skills. This is it.

Jon interrupted watching the tennis on TV to do this interview with me. He’s a massive tennis fan, so if his career were a tennis final; what’s the score?Well, it is mid-game, and I’m one set down. It is 2-1 to the opposition, but I’m fighting back, gutsily. It is my serve, and as this is my third album, I’m serving for the third set.

Jon Allen: DEEP RIVER (Monologue Records) is out now. Jon will tour the UK in October and November with 15 dates, including Bluesfest at the Royal Albert Hall, London on October 30 – 31. Simon Redley

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Diy 6 cube organizer

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