Curly hairstyles for kinky hair

Fluffy tote Cut the bag pieces from faux fur, lining fabric, and faux leather. The lining, tabs, and bag exterior are sewn separately, then connected in the bag’s upper edge seam. The seam allowances are 1/2 inch wide.

Place the bag front and back right sides together, all edges aligned. The bag bottom piece will be folded in half lengthwise. Pin frequently or hand-baste to keep the bag front and back aligned. Set the sewing machine to a long stitch length, 4.0 mm, and sew the side seams.

Fold and sew the bag’s exterior corners. Align the bag side seam to the notch on the short ends of the bag bottom. Pin or baste, then sew with the 4.0-mm stitch length. Repeat with the other side seam and notch.

Cut Ti-inch-wide ribbon into four 3-inch tabs. Fold each tab in half and through a D-ring. Baste to hold the tab in place.

Pin the tabs where marked on the lining’s top edge. With right sides together, and top edges and side seams aligned, pin the lining to the bag. Sew the lining to the bag, catching the tabs in the seam.

Secure the lining. Hand-understitch along the bag’s upper seam, through the fur backing, to keep the lining nicely inside the bag.

Faux fur is a rich texture for accessories to wear with winter’s typical wools and dark tones.

Accidents happen, even when you are trying to be careful. Luckily, some of the mistakes that seem beyond repairsuch as a buttonhole that’s been cut past its end barcan be corrected fairly easily.

To fix a miscut buttonhole, it is not necessary to remove stitches and resew the buttonhole. You can do one of two simple things to correct the mistake: Applique over the cut and turn the mistake into an embellishment opportunity; or convert the closure to hidden snaps and add decorative buttons atop the too-long buttonholes.

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Curly hairstyles for kinky hair

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