DIY Damaged Hair Repairing Coconut Mask

Hi today I’m going to show you how to make a repairing mask for a very damaged and brittle hair the mask consists of two ingredients and we are going to be using organic coconut oil and organic and pasteurized honey we are also going to need a small mixing bowl a small pot and a spoon. So we are going to need one tablespoon of coconut oil and we are going to need one tablespoon of honey now mix the two ingredients together really well now I’m going to transfer this into a pot and heat it up and what you will see is the mixture is starting to melt now transfer the mixture back into the bowl and now start applying it to your hair and make sure to apply it from top to the bottom just cover all of the hair and now I’m just gonna put my hair in a hair bun and then put my shower cap over my hair.

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So now you just have to wait 15 to 20 minutes for the hair mask to penetrate your hair and in the meantime you can just look through a magazine or just read a book now just wash your hair with warm water and you can just wash it like you normally would with a shampoo and follow with a conditioner now let your hair air dry or blow-dry it I’m personally gonna just blow dry my hair like, I always do with a round hair brush and that’s it now you get to enjoy your beautiful and shiny hair now that my hair is dry it looks and feels. So much healthier and that’s what this hair mask does to my hair. So every time, I wash it with this mask it just makes it look like it is restored and the reason to that is because coconut oil unlike any other oil actually has a very unique quality that it can actually penetrate the hair cuticle.

So a lot of other hair oils like olive oil for example they just coat the hair but they do not actually go inside and they are really moisturize the hair fully but coconut oil actually goes inside and sort of deposits you know moisture inside of your hair and you know whatever you are going to be washing out this mask in the shower you feel right away that it is almost like you know you put silicone on it here it is very very soft and once you wash it out and dry your hair you will see how shiny it is and same thing with honey it is just like coconut oil if you know it restores the moisture and it helps the hair retain moisture. So together they are like the match made in heaven thank you. So much for tuning in definitely try this hair mask and let me know how it works for your hair just down below do not forget to like this post down below and comment, I love you guys and I will see you very soon.

DIY Damaged Hair Repairing Coconut Mask

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