DIY Double Lace Twists Hairstyles

Hi. I’m Bailey from LA. And today I’m going to show you a double lace twist. This is actually just like a lace braid, but instead of braiding, you are going to twist your hair. So we will start off, I’m just going to part my bangs in two. And then I’m going to take the top half of my bangs, and I’m going to split into two even pieces. Then we are going to pull the bottom piece over the top, and we are going to add in a strand of hair into the top twist. And then you are going to continue to twist it. And you take the top piece and add a strand of hair, and you are going to twist them. Take the top piece. Add a piece of hair. And you are going to keep doing this all the way until about here on your head. And then once you get to the back of your head, you will just stop adding in pieces and just twist all the way down the strand. Like this.

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So once you are finished twisting all the way down the strand, you will take a bobby pin because you can’t hold it in your mouth while doing the second twist. So you will take a bobby pin and you will pin the braid just behind your head. It does not have to look good because it is not going to stay like that. So we will just pin that so it can be out of the way. And then we will take the second half of my bangs and split it into two, just like we did with the first one. Take the one piece, pull it over the top, and keep adding strands in all the way down so it is even with the other one. And then we will just braid it down the strand like we did with the other one. OK. So once I twist down to the bottom, I’m just going to hold the twist with my teeth, and then take the other one out of the bobby pin. Now we are just going to pull them together. And we will take the rubber band and rubber band them together. And there you have it the double lace twist. I will just show you from the side like this. Be sure to check out our blog at Brooklyn And Bailey. We’ve got tons of fun family blogs, makeup tutorials, book reviews, and others. Don’t forget to comment. And we will see you guys later. Bye.

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