DIY Gucci Hair Tutorial Fall 2018

Hi I’m going to show you a really beautiful feminine hairstyle it is sort of a half up half down hairstyle inspired by Gucci mm felt runway it was pretty much on every model and, I think it is just such a super easy look that you know, I just wanted to learn how to do it and, I wanted to show you guys how to do it and this hairstyle involved a really beautiful sort of a glittery accessory not exactly this but, I try to you know copy as much as, I could and I’m going to show you how to do it DIY on this it is super duper easy as well and then I will show you the hairstyles. So if you have an accessory you do not want to watch that part just skip to the hairstyle but I will start the tutorial with a DIY on how to make this beautiful clip. So this DIY is probably the easiest.

I’ve done. So far or you give me this just a few simple tools and you can probably find them at Michael’s or any other craft store. So what, I have here is just the glitter fabric and, I got in two different colors black and silver and scissors and a hot glue that’s all you really need and one more thing is these it is sort of the hair clip thinking and again it comes in a bag.

So like a few dollars and you can also find that at Michael’s. So what, I have here is this glitter fabric and this one actually came from I’m sort of like a keychain and this one came from a bracelet but um you know, I just use whatever, I could find. So you just apply the fabric onto the clip just to see how much you need really in that and the next step is really really simple all you are doing here is just grab your hot glue bubble gun and then apply the hot jazz asleep shoulda pretty song now onto the hairstyle all you are gonna need is just a few simple tools I’m gonna need my rat tail comb you are gonna need this hair pins and of course the hair accessory like a glittery hair accessory by now the first step is I’m gonna take a rat tail comb and I’m gonna separate the hair right here in the middle you can see that my parting is slightly to the right side of my head but um you know what they did on the models for the show is kind of heavens right right in the middle of it.

So that’s what I’m gonna do, I usually do not wear my hair like that but for the you know for the sake of this tutorial, I will and I’m already wearing mys in this is a honey 6p6 the ground said a mocha brown. So what I’m gonna do is just grab my red tail comb and three sort of a middle party but. So what they did for the Gucci models is they grabbed two sections of the hair and they started twisting right here from the face personally, I do not like that on myself.

So what I’m gonna do is let my side banks kind of hanging there and I’m gonna start twisting here. So you just got a section of the hands twisting away from the face. So you are just twisting it boosting it and then bring it back in you are twisting twisting until you get to the back and then once you are in the back there you grab your hair pin and you pin that in place now, I did try you to use bobby pins and it just wouldn’t hold.

So for this look you definitely have to use a hair bun maybe one or two depending on how thick your hair is okay. So once you have that in place what you want to do is grab the other section no the last part is just take your clips and just attach it work but I’m sure some thank you guys. So much for tuning please do not forget to recreate this look and post on Instagram work with hair hashtag camp our favourites are always always featured on our luck see here is to go thank you.

So much for tuning in do not forget to rate this post down below, I love you guys and I will see you soon bye my nickname was an agree you.

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