DIY Half-Up Bun Easy Hairstyles

Hey, guys! It’s Baily from LA and I’m going to be showing you how to do the half up bun today. A lot of you all have been asking for DIY hairstyles and short hairstyles, so today is kind of like a combination of the two. I have since seen my mom wearing it, and Brooklyn wearing this hairstyle, and it is been all over in magazines. So I thought it’d be fun to show you all. And we have some exciting news. The whole CGH family and Brooklyn and Bailey are going to be attending CVX live, which is in Utah the first week of August. And it is kind of like playlist, but not playlist. Lots of YouTubers are going to be there like StudioC, Aspyn Ovard, GloZell, lots of people like that.

DIY Half-Up Bun Easy Hairstyles Photo Gallery

So all the information will be in the description box below. Go check it all out. So, let’s get started. As you can see, I already parted my hair. And when I parted my hair, I went from an eyebrow to mid eyebrow, because you do not want too much hair in your section. That way your bun does not get too big. So I’m going to go ahead and take my comb and tease the hair so it has a little bit more volume once we put it into the bun. Now, comb this down a little bit. And I’m going to go ahead and put it into a ponytail. OK, so now that I have got that in there, I’m going to go ahead and pull some hair our in the front, just so it has the volume we want. And then now that I have done that, I’m going to go ahead and take my comb. Sorry, I just forgot the name of this. I’m going to take my comb and I’m going to tease my ponytail a whole bunch so that way it looks fluffy and nice when we do our bun. OK, so once I have teased the ponytail, you can flatten it out a little bit, and then twist it around really softly and twist it into a bun.

And then I’m going to go ahead and take some bobby pins and pin it up. Now that we have got the last bobby pin in, I’m going to go ahead and take my comb again. And this right here, we are going to want to put a little bit more volume right here. So I’m going to take my comb and comb this twice, just to give a little bit of volume on the side. And there you have the half up bun. So as you can see this hairstyle is super simple and easy. So I’m going to show the final spin. There you go. Ta-da! This hairstyle’s awesome for any age, so I’m going to pull in Rylan, who is younger than me, and mom, who is older than me. And you can see that it is a versatile hairstyle. Yes, I age mine up a little bit by pulling out a couple little wispies of hair in the front. And here’s Rylan. Say hi. Hi. I would say she is modeling a wonderful hairstyle. Straight hair. Wavy hair. Curly hair. Take your pick. Hey, we’d love to see you guys at CVX. So do not forget, all the information to meet our whole family and maybe Brooklyn and Bailey is in the description box below. First week of August. There is a limited number of tickets, so be sure to go check out and buy your tickets now. And we will see you guys next Sunday. Bye.

DIY Half Up Bun Easy Hairstyles

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