Pamper Your Skin with Homemade Natural Lotions

Using natural moisturizers is vital to having healthy skin. They make it easy to provide your skin with the needed nourishment, healing and strength. The recipes in this section are not only effective, they are also inexpensive and you will have fun making them.

Lush Lavender DIY Body Lotion

Lavender has a lot of valuable properties that will help you to have great skin.

Makes about 8 ounces Ingredients:

2 tablespoons emulsifying wax

2 tablespoons vegetable glycerin 1/2 teaspoon stearic acid 1/3 cup grapeseed or jojoba oil 1/2 cup of distilled water

1 teaspoon vitamin E

10 drops grapefruit seed extract

2 drops cedarwood essential oil 8 drops sandalwood essential oil 20 drops lavender essential oil Directions:

1. Stir together emulsifying wax, glycerin, stearic acid and oil. Melt the mixture in a double boiler over low heat.

2. Remove from heat and add Vitamin E.

3. In the microwave or in another pot on your stove, warm water until just lukewarm.

4. Pour the water slowly into the oil, constantly stirring with a wire whisk until you have a thick and smooth mixture.

5. Stir in the grapefruit seed extract and the essential oils.

6. Transfer the lotion into an 8oz dark glass bottle and let it cool before covering with the lid. Occasionally shake the bottle as the mixture cools so the ingredients will not separate.

7. Store in a cool and dark place.

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