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Hello guys, welcome back to My blog. It’s Bailey. So you guys recently have been asking for some more short hairstyles. Well guess what, guys, I have another one for you today because yes, I’m one of your short hair sisters, and I’m here, I got your back. This hairstyle that I have for you guys today is called the side French pullback, so as you can see this is where you are going to be braiding up the side, and then you are gonna secure it at the end and do a little wraparound, and ta-da, you have the perfect short hairstyle. So I’m about to show you guys how to do it. Let’s go. Okay you guys, so this hairstyle can work on any length of hair, but specifically it is meant for people with short hair like me. So it is a really basic hairstyle, basically just a French braid and then a twist at the end, so I will show you how to do it. I’m gonna take a small piece of hair at the very front on this side of my head. I’m gonna go ahead and split it into three sections, like you do for a braid, and then begin French braiding it.

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So the trick to this is keeping it really tight and then taking small pieces when you add into your braid. I know we could be a special paint In a world that’s otherwise so gray Take me by my arms and say Okay, so just continue adding small pieces. So I’m grabbing hair on the bottom parts that line up with my ear, so I’m trying to keep a straight line, so I will take about this much hair by the time I’m done. You do not wanna go too far down because you do not wanna leave no hair on this side of the head, but you also do not wanna go too far up because it is supposed to pull the hair away from your face on this side. Tough times they tend to make you lose your mind Bright signs and sunlight can be hard to find But we will fight this off until it is out of sight I do not know about you guys, but I love having my hair down, but when you have short hair, sometimes it can get greasy really fast or it can get less curly on one side of your head and curlier on the other. Or this just might happen for all hair, I do not know, but this is a really good hairstyle for the second day that you curled your hair when it is a little looser because you can pull up one side and have it out of your face, but still have it curled and down so it looks really nice as well. So you can see I’m just taking pieces that line up with my ear right here. This will probably be my last piece for this side. And you are typing the words down Let them take you back spaces We could be a special paint All right, so once you are finished your French braid, I’m just gonna continue braiding down just a little bit, even though we are gonna rubber band it in a second. All right, so you can see I have French braid most of the hair up right here. I’m gonna go ahead and take my elastic. It should be a small one because you have got short hair, typically you do not need a big one unless you have super thick hair, which actually my hair is pretty thick, but I can still use one of these.

So I’m gonna take one of the small elastics and wrap it up at the base where you finished French braiding. So right here, should just create like a little ponytail to hold your braid. Okay, so now you can see that I have finished my braid. It’s tight against my head. I have it rubber banded up. So this is gonna be the basic look of it, but we are not quite finished yet. There are two more steps you have to do. Number one, you can keep the braid tight to your head and kind of go for the more edgy look like this, or you can go ahead and pull it out and pancake it a little bit, which is kind of what I prefer to do to make it feel more loose and boho. So I’m gonna go ahead and just pull it out a little, loosen it up. There, that’s a little better. And then the last step is the wrap at the end. So go ahead and take a part of the ponytail that you just braided. It does not have to be a big piece, it can be a pretty small piece like this, and wrap it around that last elastic so you are hiding it. Typically I just do two wraps because again, this is a short hairstyle, so my hair is short. So you can see the piece down here is underneath my ponytail. I’m just gonna go ahead and take a bobby pin and pin that piece up so the wrap-up stays. All right, and there you have it. We’re finished. So y’all let’s be honest. When you have short hair, the probability of you being able to pull it all the way up without having to use a million bobby pins is very little. I can tell you from experience, it is hard to get my hair up. So this hairstyle is perfect because I can get it out of my face on one side while still having it down on the other side. It’s like the perfect mix, the perfect in-between, the perfect ,. It is the perfect hairstyle for you and y’all with short hair, but also it works for long hair, too. Surprise! So you guys, definitely try this hairstyle at home. Now let’s do the final spin. Check it out. I was falling to pieces Ta-da! All right, you guys, if you have not comment to this blog, do that by clicking the flower button down below, and to watch more hairstyles, click the buttons right over there. I will see you guys some other time. I love you all, bye. Falling to pieces.

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